Again, hamsters from the department of leadgeneration and we want to share our project with you, so we are working diligently to form them into full-fledged cases!

You will not believe, but sometimes we even, instead of eating freely, write cases. Yes, for your sake we are making sacrifices. Tanya even lost weight (vk.com/id33542474)



In January 2017, we were approached by the designer and general director of the 3D design school Iosif Chetvertakov from Moscow.

In the moment of writing the case, and this is September 28, 2017, we are still working on his project and everyone is happy. Hello, Iosif)

The task was extremely clear: to identify the most interested audience, generate leads through collecting telephone numbers thus will increase number of pupils in the school.


The cost of online courses started from 27,500 rubles,

and in the audience in general from 37 500 rubles.


Obvious difficulties in the work did not arise, Iosif provided us with a maximum of necessary information, promptly answered all questions that came from our manager's communication with target audience.


  • Geo: in Moscow, all Russia
  • Gender: Female and Male
  • Age: 18-34

Geo - is predominantly Moscow, but since the training can be done online, they were oriented to the whole Russia.

Age - from 18 to 34 years - conducted an analysis of metrics and goal achievement, basically leaves the application (in 70% of cases) is this age category. Then we were given a customer base and we saw the same picture.

Gender - men and women.

When completing the brief, the client described his situation as follows:

  • - designers
  • - architects
  • - design studio
  • - students who want to change job for their own creative business.

In order to highlight the most interested audience, we asked for the base of existing clients and made an analysis target audience with the help of our favorite Target Hunter service.

It was possible to determine the explicit search keys:

  • - School of 3D graphics
  • - Computer Graphics School
  • - School of Architecture
  • - Interior design studio


In the brief, there were a lot of them, but we singled out those who helped us in attracting people:

  • - Three forms of training: online, in the classroom, individually.
  • - The school has a large portfolio of interior design projects for 3D-design performed by students at the courses 3dmax-online.ru/students
  • - Support between sessions on the training forum, on Skype, phone, mail ...
  • - The experience of teachers - 15 years and more.
  • - Average prices for the city


The database collected by the keys that we defined in the parser produced good results. Good, but not great! We used a tool as cunning and nosy as our hamsters in the landing department to bring our client "warm" audience. Every day, except for the main base, we worked on the newcomers to the rival groups! This gave us really hot people. After all, people rarely just join communities;)


While communicating with the target audience, we talked about the teacher, the advantages of studying at school, briefly about the course, the address and the date when the introductory lesson was held, and only after that we asked people for a number!

On average on the day we received 3 leads.

As a result for the month we have 64 quality leads, as much as possible informed!


Now the base burns out a little (pfff, half a year has passed, of course), , but we continue to make 2 leads per day.

Our client quickly worked on the leads and here's the result:

Продвижение школы 3D в социальных сетях
Кейс про продвижению 3Д Дизайна
3D дизайн, как продвигать сайт и группы в социальных сетях

# =




12 000 rub.
  • 3 hot leads per day
  • 64 leads for company
  • 23 workdays

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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