Hello, it’s leadgeneration department of hamsters. Oksana Rostova, head of the studio, addressed us and we did not hesitate to start working.) We do not want to make the case big and load you with unnecessary information, so minimum water, maximum numbers and actions.

Ride ...


It seems to us that all customers have one task:

"I pay 12,000, I want to get 36,000 minimum."

OK OK. The task was to generate phone numbers of people who want to enroll in an activity in Amagi Love.


There was little food. And if we talk about the client, then there were no problems at all, Oksana filled the brief just on top. She provided an ideal list of rivals and a list of id of those people who are engaged or bought a subscription. We did the analysis and based on the brief we gathered a good base.


  • Geo: St. Petersburg
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19-30

Selected 3 categories of target audience:

- Students (they are engaged for entertainment, because it is now "fashionable." The goal is to make a beautiful photo for social network) — they only do 2-3 months, then merge. The base of such girls showed a good result in the form of response and leads, but we knew that the life of such a client would not be great.

- young mothers (engaged in changing the situation + to return the shape) - there is pain, they often sit with children or if the child is sick, they can "go away and not return"

- schools - competitors and thematic groups about Pole Dance - The problem was that many people were already engaged, but those who managed to get it were given a good profit)


They told us in the brief, and they attracted people pretty well:

  • - the largest network in the city of St. Petersburg. 5 branches
  • - two-hour classes: hour pylon + hour stretching
  • - free rehearsals in the studio for students
  • - Strictly 1 person per pole or lesson for FREE!
  • - individual performances in the studio for a loved one - for FREE!
  • - average prices for the city


The base of young mothers, whom we gathered from groups: Peter's mummies, pregnancy, etc. - gave a disgusting feedback, mothers are busy raising a new generation of winners!)

School competitors — went to cheer.

Remember we wrote above that we were given a fire list of groups of rivals who are promoting their groups? - Well, we do a little gray and add these groups to our favorite Target Hunter and parse every day new people and work with him. This method gives a very steep return in the form of confirmed leads.


During the dialogue, we provided all the necessary information, namely:

  • - list of directions
  • - addresses of branches
  • - detailed timetable
  • - individually selected direction and time, if necessary.

On average, there were 5 hot leads per day

Our client contacted them on time and here is the result:

For a month we got 104 leads!

Кейс по студии танцев на пилоне
Как раскрутить свою студию танцев
Как раскрутить свою студию танцев в социальных сетях
Как продвигать студию танцев
Кейс по развитию своей студии танцев
Студия танца на пилоне Amagi Love
Кейс Лидген по студии танцев (социальные сети)

# =




12 000 rub.
  • 5 hot leads per day
  • 104 leads for company
  • 23 workdays

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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