Targeting case

Jewelry workshopBrokka


Client – Slavic jewelry workshop

Mission – Increase sales and number of subscribers

GEO – Russia

A few words about the project:

This case’s client creates golden and silver jewelry. Thematically, it can be attributed to Slavic adornments. We decided to accentuate this.


The client had chosen complex SMM and our goal was to bring the maximum number of clients from the social networks + to form a base of people for later work through mailings and shares + increase the activity in the community and its growth.

  • 1. People who are interested in talismans and amulets, who hand at least in three thematic communities
  • 2. Direct rivals. Jewelry workshops.
  • 3. Indirect rivals. Jewelry.
  • 4. People interested in Slavic culture.
  • 5. Competitor’s communitys sections.

What didwe do


  • Create and design a community
  • Fill communities with content
  • Targeted subscribers
  • Launch advertising leading to the community in Vkontakte and Facebook
  • Launch and distribution of stock in target communitys.
  • Moderation of communities and work with the audience

The community design sucked, so we redesigned it ourselves.

шапка группы вк
Закрепленная запись группы вк

Pinned a post with all the advantages and visually showed the goods.

Connected application personalized for the user.

Подарки от brokka

Knowing the intricacies of working with jewelry, we decided to makea chain of sales, because it’s quite hard to sell such an expensive stuff.The posts were made more thematic, людей перенаправляли в личные сообщения группы. Было очевидно, people were redirected to the community's private messages. It was obvious that no one would simply write to the community's messages, as a result, we suggested that people can write«I want a gift» and get a pleasant surprise. The gift was a discount 10% on the first order in community.

Запись в группе BrokkaЗапись в группе Brokka

People write every day – and the sales funnel works.

Сообщения BrokkaСообщения BrokkaИтог Brokka

We achieved the goal set before us, and now we continue to work with the client.

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