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We haven’t pleased our subscribers with cases for a long time, so in my legal day off I form one of our projects in a full-fledged case. This time our client was the head of the school of dance, theater and vocals "Prodvizhenie"(Promotion) from Kazan. He appealed to us at the end of November 2016.


It was the most banal: increase number of students in community and receive daily leads from social networks; increase activity in community and fill the community with target audience.


There were no obvious problems, and in the process of work there were no pitfalls, everything went well.


The client described it in a brief as follows:

  • - Age: from 3 years to 17 years (boys / girls) – main areas.
  • - Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
  • - Social status: mixed.

Most buying audience: Parents of kids (from 3 to 6 years old)

P.S. Of course we got more information, but it's in a nutshell, so as not to load you)

How we collected the database:

  • - We gathered women living in Kazan, who have children from 3 to 11 years
  • - Collected children from 11 to 17 years

P.S. Who cares how we collected them, by what communitys, with what queries, etc. just write in the private messages of our community , we'll write more and more in detail, we'll give all the communitys how many bases it's got, how many tests, etc.

What did we do


  • Create and design a page
  • Fill the page with content
  • Attract targeted subscribers
  • Launch advertising posts in Vkontakte and Facebook leading to the main page
  • Launching advertising action in communitys with target audience
  • Community moderation and work with the audience

# 1


# 2


# 3


We worked out a content strategy, as we attracted moms to the community, and content was all oriented towards mothers and children.

We launched interactive posts with the target audience and, as we see, received a response from it:

# 4


We showed in the posts that professionals work in this school, and target audience liked it!

# 5


We attracted targeted subscribers to the database we collected

We started on November 23, when the community had 7,492

and for a month of work (we decided to take the result for a month of work)

the community already had 8,376 participants!

Total for a month of work we we received 884 target subscribers, although our goal was to attract the most warm leads, and subscribers to the community acted as a bonus of our work.

Usually we make a minimum of 1500 target subscribers per month,
and maximum of 3000, but it was hard with Central Asia, they did not react very much to the community itself.

According to the head of the studio, they bought themselves 1500 offers at the beginning of the community, , so% of the TA in the community составляет всего is only 86.19%

# 6


We launched targeting ads on promo posts sewing into the UTM link in the link, so that the client could accurately track where the person came from.

Unfortunately, we can not show you the statistics, because our targetologist has archived it ...
(Damn, very bad, since the statistics there was good)
Oh well, next time we'll give more!

We targeted not just the promo post where there was a link, we ran it with a questioning, then to unsubscribed people who voted, but did not follow the link and continue the dialogue with us. As practice shows, this is a very good way to process objections and to make person buy service. We post the same posts in communitys, so that a person can go to the site if he is interested, and vote if he has doubts or he is lazy.

An example of a post on which I was targeting and who was in a community

That there was no doubt that we are telling the truth, we found one screen in the correspondence with the client, so you can look at the statistics.

(one transition turned out to be 7-10 rubles, but there is +, because we received additional subscribers to the community for this money)

# 7

WHAT wegot

We got:

  • - 884 targeted subscribers
  • - 22 applications directly from the site(according to the client)
  • - 29 leads the store manager and partisan work

In the screenshots, you can see the result for each lead in the tablet.

Totally, we got 51 lead

Honestly, this is our worst indicator for the number of leads in SMM, but we have promising cases with such a target audience, we found that we have a very good indicator when compared with others. Soon we will begin packing all our cases, where you will see that we are doing 300 leads to the dance school, and the community grows by 2000 people, but there are no children or mothers there.

In any case the customer was satisfied, and that's good!

- If you look at the screenshots, then you will see that we have very well increased the activity in the community.

# =




25 365 rub.



from 23.11.16 to 24.12.16
  • 2 hot leads per day
  • 51 lead for company
  • 23workdays

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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