April 2015. We had a chance to work with the promotion of a referral link for a young project (credit network) named Webtransfer. The request was obvious - to increase the number of partners registered with referral link, but it was necessary that people not only registered, but also invested at least $50 to get started. After a long study of the product, the site and the mechanism in general, we compiled a media plan and started to work. Just want to say, to understand how everything works, we had to register for referrals and become partners by investing money.


To attract maximum partners with client’s referral system. Informing potential partners that the Webtransfer credit network is a long-term and stable project


The credit network of Webtransfer is new network on the market, we faced with the problem that people in this sphere do not strongly trust something new, and people who do not invest at all with such projects are cautious and believe that such things are nothing but scam. VKontakte does not allow to launch retargeting for such a sphere of business and it is also impossible to work through the exchange. Also, there were problems with the administrators.


We decided to work out people who are already familiar with such systems, and have already had invested in similar projects.


Increase the number of real screenshots of partner’s payments and client’s screens as the main partner. Created a rubric of communication where everyone can ask a question and get an answer + asked everyone who has already invested and earns money to write a detailed reviews.

What did we do


  • Create and design a page
  • Fill the page with content
  • Attract targeted subscribers
  • Launch advertising posts in Vkontakte and Facebook leading to the main page
  • Launching advertising action in communitys with target audience
  • Community moderation and work with the audience

# 1


Акция набрала:

More than 6 000 reposts and more than 8830 likes (you see a little over 3000 on the screen, but that's because we decided to write the case two weeks later and after the end of the action people removed repost)

But on the video you can see that there are more than 6 000 reposts and more than 9 000 likes.

5 551 people added to the community

in general, coverage was:
190 000 people.

Coverage >14 00019 000 people a day

In fact, we have received a sufficient number of detailed reviews from new partners, which increased loyalty to this company.

Posts with questioning gained more than 60 votes. For this specific business this is a very good result, because by responses, likes and activity, we outperformed the community with 100 000 people in

The video with the draw scored 2700 views (2700 people in the community went in and watched the video until the middle)

We started a game with the possibility to receive 50$ and placed it in communitys with the target audience (when you click on the picture you start the game.) Whatever play it yourself.) Click the link:

В In the end: My favorite moment =)

# =




35 000 rub.



from 14.03.15 to...
  • 5 551 target audience joined the community
  • 9 000 likes for promotional post
  • 6 000 shares
  • 190 000 compiled coverage of target audience

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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