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We were approached by the creator of the art studio EAart Ekaterina Teteneva from Ekaterinburg.


Identify the most interested audience. Prepare several variants of the script and implement the best to increase the conversion to the left lead and purchase.


As the proverb says: "First you judge 'how nice'…", in our case, clothing is the design of a community and a site whose purpose is to inform and interest as much as possible. So Catherine's design was not very to put it mildly. Our designer had to work hard to bring everything back to normal. Later, as Ekaterina said, the subscriber's price of targeting started to go cheaper and people started to treat the community more (pfff, of course, the design of the community is like the first screen of the landing, it decides). Well, on the work itself there were no pitfalls, everything went well.


  • Geo: Yekaterinburg
  • Gender: Women
  • Age: 22-35

The most important question is "WHOM do we sell?".

The briefing is described thus:

  • Geo - Yekaterinburg
  • Gender - women
  • Age from 22 to 35 years old

We thought and decided to choose 4 categories of CA:

  • - The sphere of make-up, floristics and other creative professions;
  • - Girls who do not work, they have rich husbands and they are looking for where to spend time (they live in the center of the city);
  • - We decided to take people from architectural academies;
  • - Creativity, drawing, fashion, travel.

Based on the above criteria, several databases were collected:

  • 1) by keywords: "school of drawing" and "painting"
  • 2) various women's trainings, master classes
    (Target audience, which is looking for where to spend time)
  • 3) by location
    (near shopping entertainment center, residential complexes, restaurants, etc.)
  • 4) travel agencies
  • 5) make-up and floristics


In the brief, there were a lot of them, but we singled out those who helped us in attracting people:

  • - a form of loyalty in the schedule and installment payment for courses
  • - many gifts and competitions for students of the studio


Badly showed themselves 2 bases:

- Collected for various women's training workshops (CA, which seeks where to spend time)

But to be honest, we did not accent her, there was more push from the client to do this base, she asked to try it.

- Make-up artists and florists

The rest of the bases were not bad, but they were not good enough either.

A day worked on 100+ people from different bases and did 1 lead

(Only 1 lead per day - is even worse, than being hungry for an hour)

Here we gathered and decided to use a tool that allows you to track people who have entered into communities of rivals. By adding to the tool rivals of our school, we gathered the most interested in this niche and invited them to our school!

The main bases in tandem with the partisans gave us a good result.


As a result, leads received a maximum of information, were fully informed about all courses and master classes, about location, cost and dates.

At the beginning of the work we asked our client to contact the leaders as they entered the table, while they are “warm” and and this gave results.

In average, there were 2 hot lead per day.

In a month we got 43 leads

# =




12 000 rub.
  • 2 hot leads in a day
  • 43 leads for company
  • 23 workdays

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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