Targeting Case

China InfobusinessKirill Kaftanik

Project Description:

Customer – Infobusiness China; Kirill Kaftanik

Task2 000 registrations cheaper than 35 rub.

GEO – Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

A few words about this project:

The customer is well-known, is engaged in infobusiness trade with China - Kirill Kaftanik. We immediately set the conditions: the daily budget did not matter; the main thing was the amount of registrations and price, that mustn’t be more than ₽35(approximately $0.6). We send traffic for landing with a standard registration form that includes e-mail and name.


At first we started to define the audience, Who these people are, what do they do.

Looking back to webinar topic, it should be people who are interested in the fastest earnings, or those who do not want to work for someone, but only for themselves.


Students 20 - 25 year old, and people who are interested in business and work for themselves 25 - 55 year old. For each audience we picked up different headlines and appeals, максимально. The pictures were made according to the principle: funny for students and more specific for elders.


пример обьявления пример обьявления

So it looks from the inside:


Then we started picking up the site, Vkontakte and Odniklassniki were eliminated immediately, in our time infobusiness in Vkontakte is too expensive to promote and the audience is burnt out. We selected Instagram, for a large audiencefor a large audience, it's convenient for work , and the price for a lead is cheaper, plus there is a wealth of experience in this social network.

The pictures were made in two formats: post and stories, as the result showed, , the story gives amazing results. Payment format – conversion. Why so? It's quite simple, if you work with large traffic flows, Facebook optimizes your advertising campaign.

The first workday
The first problem

The registration price and quantity was suitable for us, but we wanted much more at least 300 per day, so we started to scale and the price of the application increased significantly.

The second problem

The number of registrations fell by 25% after scaling.


We noticed, that many of our ads fell out of the rotation, because of this they practically did not spin, and the registration price increased in 5 time. What is the reason, actually? The right goods proximity, that's where the body is buried. We created a separate campaign for our posts thus, separating posts with an assessment of the relevance of 6-7 from posts with an estimate 8-9.

And voila, it works!

  • Registrations:
    2 910
  • Registering Price:
    30 rub.
  • Spend:
    84 767 rub.

Instagram confirmed once again that it is a wonderful traffic channel, and you just need to use it! Facebook proved once again that the optimization algorithm for conversions works all the time. We also realized that ad communitys should never be created in the same campaign. Divide and rule!
The customer is satisfied, we continue our work, and our goal is to make a minimum
32000 registrations per month.

We achieved the goal set before us, and now we continue to work with the client.

What such or better result?

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