In June 2015, from the 22nd day, to be exact, we launched our project "Social networks: RESTART". Someone will call it infobusiness and will be right;) In principle, like many companies and advertisers who turn to us from the site, we were expecting a good conversion, and we did not even worry about the targeted traffic. And so, let's get started!


If you are new to the business, then you will think that the guys stupidly decided to skew the bubble and plunge into the world of infobusiness. But this is only the tip of the iceberg; in fact, the main emphasis was on those people who didn’t want to do advertising campaign themselves and turned to us. In this way we wanted get acquainted with our target audience and let them learn about our methods and to receive a flow of traffic to our services. We have achieved the goal !!!)


The problem was really enormous. VKontakte didn’t let targeting and retargeting to our Landing. VK has decided that we are promoting competitive services. ' - Also VKontakte decided that probably we do not need to get traffic to this site at all. Network VKontakte. The administration marked our site as malicious, arguing that .... (see the message above). In fact, the administration blocked even a link to our Instagram. Now when you want to go into the Instagram profile of your friend, you will be warned that this is a malicious site and will be asked to copy the link and paste it into the browser, unless you have changed your mind.


We decided to collect admins of commercial communitys, in whose niches we were interested in later. (that is, we did not collect hairdressing admins, etc., we collected those who later (remember our main goal) will want to work with us and order from us. So, we sparred an active audience of such communities as Business Youth ( and Goal: 1 billion rubles per year Ayaz Shubutdinov’s ( Well, the logic was simple, if a person reposts and comments on entries in these communities, then he has business; man who is far from business, he just doen’t want to read these communities.


Since the company did not have a single representation in social networks, the initial task was to select sites where the target audience could be concentrated.

What did we do


  • We used the methodology developed by us to inform our target audience (collected with the help of Cerebro) on the list.
  • Spamming the base. Forgive us those who were in the database for spam. But I will say openly, we spammed thinking about you, so you received only one message from us;)
  • Through the service of SocHunt we tracked the visitors of the site. Thanks to SocHunt, we sold over 50 lessons.
  • Working with opinion leaders

# 1


Result for a month of work:
2543 target calls

Indicators of the depth of views and time spent on the site look, very pleasing

The most interesting, the conversion of the site was 4,57%, it could be better and of course, but there is something. But the conversion of the site is not the end.

In total we received 162 applications, of which we were able to process for sale only 89.50% conversion from application to sale, in our opinion it’s good


Site conversion: 4.57%

Target visits (applications): 162

From interest to order: 89 people - this is 55% , a very good indicator

Thanks to the trap: 55 sales lessons, it's 55 lessons.

Total sales: 189. The price of one lesson is 990 rub.

The fate of the remaining 45%: 24 people said they do not want to study and were offered to take their project and promote them. 10 of which have agreed to our budgets and are now cooperating with us.


We are more than just satisfied with the result. Almost all infobuisnessmans said that we must do free admission, we did not listen to them and did not bother still we did not regret.

We were even recommended by successful bloggers:

Just one of these posts is paid for, guess yourself;)

# =




25 365 rub.



from 16.06.16 to 24.09.17

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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