This time we will analyze the niche of studying abroad.
Quite an interesting niche, so I think it will be interesting for you to read what we did in order to get 170 leads.


It was the most banal - to increase the amount of traffic to the community and receive daily leads from the social networks. Increase community and fill it with target audience.


The site, the site was a very big problem, well, just enormous! Well, look at the Medu Community themselves. There is treatment, education abroad, and a lot of unnecessary information. As a result, the traffic was simply lost on the site, we understood this and came up with a way out of the situation, we will tell about it further.


The client described it in a brief next way:

  • - Gender:: M/F; Age: 16 to 30 years; Geo: Russia, CIS, students (family income level is slightly above average)
  • - Has goals in life, is interested in learning foreign languages, education in Kore (K-POP, doramas, manga, anime, joins in the cultural communities about Korea, China and Japan).
  • - Students in European education can be subscribers of communitys on grants, internships, thematic communitys for different European countries.
  • - Basically, they bought Korea, because Europe appeared relatively recently.

How did we collect the database:

  • - Assembled active in communitys of learning English by the criteria of the client.
  • - We collected all those who are interested in Manga (We also had such eyes here - O_o, what is Manga?)
  • - Collected people interested in the Doramas
  • - Gathered admirers of Japanese and Chinese culture
  • - Worked out rivals

Who cares how we collected them, by what communitys, with what queries, etc. just write in private, we'll write more and more in detail, we'll give all the communitys how many bases it's got, how many tests, etc.

What did we do


  • Create and design a page
  • Fill the page with content
  • Attract targeted subscribers
  • Launch advertising posts in Vkontakte and Facebook leading to the main page
  • Launching advertising action in communitys with target audience
  • Community moderation and work with the audience

# 1


# 2

We formed product subgroups

# 3


# 4


We worked on the content strategy, because we attracted people to the community who are interested in learning in Europe and Asia, and the content was all oriented to this TA. We started selling posts for interaction with the target audience and, as we see, received a response from it:

# 5


We did posts how cool it is to study abroad and fostered interest to learning, showing how beautiful
«other countries are»:

# 6


We attracted targeted subscribers by the database we collected.

We started work on December 19,

when the community was 4 009

and for the time of work

the community already had 5 959 participants

on January 29!

This is a result of a little more than a month's work, since from December 30 to December 30 we had a vacation, and only postponed posting to the community was set up, roughly speaking, we received 1950 people for a month of work.

# 7


Our target audience was the CIS, therefore I can not result community statistics, as there is no sence. In this way, we have TA from any city or country.

We started target advertising for promo posts, sewing tags into the UTM link, so that the client could accurately track where the person came from. But, as we said, we had a problem in that the traffic on the site was simply lost, and the client could not allocate money for full-fledged lending, and we decided to make a landing page inside VKontakte, that's how it looks: Вконтакте

By clicking on the "order" button we switched to the Google form, where the person left the application. This greatly increased the conversion of traffic. Since when we poured on the site, we could not track anything at all, there was no form of capture on the site.

We set up targeting only for posts. I show them what they were: This post was set up for the audience that we collected for the communitys of learning English:

Have received here such results. If you notice, we have polls attached to posts, we additionally contact people who voted in the poll, and already in personal correspondence we answer questions and close for consultation.

This gives very good results (Spent 476,07 rubles - 35 conversions = 13,6 transition price)

This post was spinning around the same audience but in the form of another teaser, and that's what happened:

Got these results: the result for the transitions is terrible, but the answer was good.

Received 43 transfers = 14,05 price of the transfer.

They spent 655,15 rub and received

64 conversions = 10,23 transition price

They spent 940,14 rub and received

89 conversions = 10,56 transition price

Total targeting statistics:

We also made accommodations for communitys with TA, processed people who joined the community and took their numbers for advice.

As we have already said, the problem was the problem was in the site and we had to create a mini-landing in VKontakte itself, so it was not possible to accurately track the traffic, but the bids were targeted. You ask why we decided this? All because getting on such landing in VC, a person presses «Subscribe» - gets on the form in Google - and answers 15 questions, , to which a person who does not understand the topis, will not be able to answer. So, it cannot be not targeted)) Actually, here is the form itself - Google Form

# 8


We got:

  • - 1950 targeted subscribers
  • - 35 applications directly from the form
  • - 135 leads from the store manager and partisan work

# =




35 000rub.
  • 1950 targeted subscribers
  • 35 application
  • 135 leads

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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