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It’s leadgeneration team and we want to provide our new case, friends.

Oh, it went out too official, right?) Well damn, and the client then we have is an international school)

Customer - Training and Certification of Pole Fitness Instructors, Air Ring / Cloths

The professional trainer Elena Artamonova asked us lead the guides to the school of international level instructors.

The instructors certification course is the most complete course for those who seriously and professionally approach their training and coaching activities, strives to improve their qualifications and skill level, and also wants to be recognized as a certified Trainer.


Other sources of traffic burned out and needed a new jet, a new atmosphere, new cool leads)


No problems, we worked together for a year and there have never been any problems.

Even when they repackaged its groups and corporate identity, even here there were no problems. Everything goes cool, fun and great in general)


  • Geo: Russia
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: from 18

The filled out briefing showed that these are girls from 18 years old, who are engaged

in sports / dance / fitness with at least 6 months of experience.

Segment the directions for the audience:

- First of all, we need to find already active instructors (on fitness, dances, gymnastics, acrobatics).

Defined several good groups: master classes, championships, festivals, in general, all events related to Pole Dance and Air gymnastics.

In addition they were looking for groups from top-level instructors.

- gathered the participants of our community and made an analysis of target audience.

Defined schools of dance and several thematic groups, such as:

POLE DANCE GIRLS, World Pole Dance, Pole Dance is Art, Overheard Pole Dance.


  • - The most detailed textbooks in Russia in volume of 180 pages(!)
  • - >100 (per level) of elements with the technique of execution, insurance and a description of all the errors allowed;
  • - the possibility of obtaining a certificate of First Medical Assistance;
  • - the possibility of obtaining an international certificate;
  • - exchange of professional experience with colleagues and the "star" chief instructor;
  • - the opportunity to pass the Course in the absence of coaching experience;
  • - the opportunity to pass the course repeatedly throughout the year is completely free!


At the very first stage the audience of the master classes, championships, festivals worked best. But since it was little, we tested the second base and decided to unite them.

Our task was to convey to target audience as much information as possible. The script was large and unreadable, but in it we described all the advantages of courses, dates and costs. This was done with the aim of maturing them to the temperature of the "hot lead"!


On average there were 2-3 hot leads per day, compared to the context and the target, where 2-3 leads per week were released, this is a cool result)

Screenshots over there:

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12 000 rub.
  • 2 hot leads per day
  • 52 leads for company
  • 23 workdays

We achieved the goal set before us, and the customer was satisfied.

What such or better result?

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