Targeting Case

Hair productsDubai

Project description

Customer – Hair products

Task – As much as possible mobile numbers for ringing. The cost of one number less 4$

GEO – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait.

A few words about the project:

We have been working for 4 months and continue our cooperation now.


The first step was to create content, everyone who has ever worked with facebook are already familiar with their harsh rules about advertising. All our selling posts were banned within a few days, so we changed them or created new ones every few days.


We were trying to make all the posts primitive and understandable (the client immediately warned us that customers do not always understand complex texts)


пример обьявления пример обьявления

We decided to collect the numbers through the comments left under the post, that is, the format of the promotion of the record, as a result, we managed to reach the result of 200-300 numbers, the cost of one did not exceed 0.05$.

пример обьявления пример обьявления

Considering the huge flow of numbers and the cost of the call center, we decided to pour through the office on the landings with the application form for sending. The intermediate result for that period was 50-90 sales per day, the sale price is is no more than 2$.

Everything dedicated to hair problems, hair loss, hair care.

пример обьявления пример обьявления пример обьявления пример обьявления

After all the ideas about how to increase the number of sales, we decided to scale the campaign. Added more products, new countries (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait), used mustfollow in the instagram. Also, we made 40 separate landings for each country and each product.
The results at the moment 60-90 sales per day, the sale price is 2$.
Apart from the sales about 17 thousand subscribers on the Facebook were made, thanks to which the community started native selling.


We continue our work for now; our goal is at least 300 orders a day.

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